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The Only Vision-Specific Medical Food

Lumega-Z has been used clinically since 2012. This unique formula has been taken by more than 2000 patients. Typical symptoms of these patients include poor night vision, higher sensitivity to glare and overall reduction in vision for everyday activities, like driving or playing golf.

Studies show that Lumega-Z is more easily absorbed than off-the-shelf supplements, getting more of these important nutrients into the body. Studies also show that Lumega-Z boosts the macular pigment, a thin layer of protective tissue that rests right in front of the macula. These videos are comments from real patients who have been treated with Lumega-Z and whose vision has stabilized or improved.

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Why Is Lumega-Z Special?

Lumega-Z is a Medical Food designed specifically for eye nutrition to restore and maintain the macular pigment. It is the only product that offers all three critical eye carotenoids – lutein, zeaxanthin and mesozeaxanthin – and a full complement of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients. Lumega-Z is a tasty, easy-to-drink liquid that helps to get the nutrients straight to your eyes. The liquid form ensures high levels of absorption of the powerful carotenoids and other nutrients.

Dr Sponsel Explains Why Lumega-Z is so Special?

Lumega-Z Is An Easily Absorbed Liquid!

Lumega-Z is provided in a micronized liquid form which makes it much easier to digest and to get the three essential carotenoids, anti-inflammatory ingredients and anti-oxidative components into the bloodstream and into the eye. The liquid formula ensures a very high level of absorption.


Dr Stephenson Explains Why A Liquid Formula Is Better For Your Eyes!

Dr Sponsel Explains Why Lumega-Z is so Special?

What Is In Lumega-Z?

Lumega Z includes the three macular carotenoids – lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin – and a potent variety of other ingredients, including:

Vitamin C Zinc Selenium Vitamin D3
Vitamin E Copper Thiamin Manganese
Riboflavin Chromium Vitamin B3 Molybdenum
Vitamin B6 Lutein Folate Meso-zeaxanthin
Vitamin B12 Zeaxanthin Biotin Lycopene
Pantothenic Acid Astaxanthin Calcium NAC
Magnesium L-Taurine Acetyl-L-Carnitine CoQ10
Quercetin Proprietary Ocular Antioxidant Blend

Lumega-Z is accompanied by a separate bottle of Omega Boost, which provides essential Omega fatty acids, including DHA and EPA.