Absorption Of Lumega-Z Versus Nutritional Supplements
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Lumega-Z is packed with carotenoids that make up the macular pigment, as well as a complement of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are critical to ocular and overall health. Because of this wide range of nutrients in the formula, Lumega-Z can often replace your daily multivitamin and other supplements.

While some of the other vitamins and supplements you currently take may come in a gel capsule, tablet or pill form, Lumega-Z is liquid. Liquid has numerous advantages over gel capsules or pills.

Liquids Are Packed With More Powerful Nutrients

Liquids allow a higher concentration and a more synergistic combination of ingredients. The manufacturers can combine complex combinations of ingredients like herbal ingredients, foods and vitamins into liquids easier than in a chewable or gel capsule.

Easily And Efficiently Digested And Absorbed

Lumega-Z’s liquid lipid-based delivery system delivers nutrients to the body quicker than pills or capsules can. Gel capsules, pills or tablets must be swallowed and digested to be absorbed. The body has to break these supplements down in order to extract the medicinal properties of the nutrients. This can take hours. But the body doesn’t have to break down liquids like Lumega-Z. There are no casings or fillers for the body to process. Lumega-Z is much easier for the body to digest and absorb. Lumega-Z has higher bioavailability than gel capsules or pills — meaning a greater percentage of the nutrients are absorbed by the body’s circulation. The body doesn’t utilize nearly as much of the nutrients in capsules, pills or tablets.

Research backs up these claims. There have been many reports demonstrating that products similar to Lumega-Z in formula but in a pill or capsule form have poor absorption rates.

patient education

Efficacy of Commercially Available Nutritional Supplements: Analysis of Serum Uptake, Macular Pigment Optical Density and Visual Functional Response. R Bone, PG Davey, B Roman and D Evans. Nutrients, 12, 1321, 2020.

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Evaluation of Visual Functional Changes in Eyes with Drusen using the Micronized Lipid-Based Carotenoid Liquid Supplementation and AREDS-2 Formula. D Lem, T Henderson, R Weis, S Amonoo-Monney, D. Evans, P Davey. ARVO Poster, 2019.

This study evaluated the visual function benefits of Lumega Z Versus AREDS 2 formula in patients with drusen who were at risk for vision loss from AMD. The data showed a significant improvement in contrast sensitivity for the Lumega Z group, but not for AREDS, after 6 months of treatment. A third, untreated, control group also showed no change in visual function.

Efficacy of Commercially Available Nutritional Supplements: Analysis of Serum Uptake, Macular Pigment Optical Density and Visual Functional Response. R Bone, PG Davey, B Roman and D Evans. Nutrients, 12, 1321, 2020.

This study compared the bioavailability, as measured by blood absorption levels, of macular carotenoids provided by Lumega-Z micronized liquid formula versus AREDS 2 gel caps. Data showed that after 12 weeks of treatment, Lumega-Z provided 4 times the level of macular carotenoids in the blood assays, even though the concentration of carotenoids in the formula is only 2.3 times higher than AREDS 2. Lumega-Z also provided higher levels of MPOD in subjects taking this formula, while no changes were noted for the AREDS 2 treated subjects.

Easy To Consume

Lots of people, particularly the elderly, have trouble swallowing tablets or capsules. Medications or supplements in pill or capsule form can get stuck in the throat or cause gagging. Liquids like Lumega-Z are very easy to drink. Lumega-Z can be mixed with a tasty beverage like juice or water. Also, the product is safe for people with sensitivities or allergies, as it is free from sugar, gluten, dairy or artificial colors.

Higher Concentration Of Nutrients

Liquids like Lumega-Z are able to pack in a higher concentration of nutrients than gel caps or tablets. You would need to take dozens of tablets or gel caps to equal the nutrients in a single dose of Lumega-Z.

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