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A Robust Macular Pigment Protects Retinal Health


What is the Macular Pigment?

The macular pigment is a thin layer of yellow pigment that lies right in front of the macula. The macula is the very central part of the retina responsible for fine-detail vision and is the part of the eye that becomes diseased in patients with macular degeneration. The macular pigment is made up of three specific carotenoids – lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zeaxanthin – and together they protect the macula in two ways:

First: The carotenoids that make up the macular pigment block and absorb the harmful UV radiation that damages the eye. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can lead to macular degeneration.

Second: The carotenoids that make up the macular pigment provide protection from harmful oxidative damage in the macula and throughout the retina.

The video below describes the macular pigment and how the carotenoids that make up the macular pigment protect your vision.

Why Does the Retina Need Special Protection?

The retina is the most metabolically active tissue in the human body. High metabolism requires high oxygen supply. This excess metabolism and oxygen creates a significant level of free radicals, which leads to oxidative damage. Also, other than the skin, the retina is the only organ in the body that receives direct exposure to damaging UV radiation. It is bad enough that the free radicals created by the retinal metabolism can cause damage on their own, but having direct exposure to UV radiation with the high levels of oxidative free radicals present in the retina greatly exaggerates free radical activity and oxidative damage These two factors – high population of free radicals and direct UV radiation exposure – create a situation where considerable retinal damage erupts if the eye does not have proper protection. This protection comes in the form of the macular pigment, which is made up of the three critical vision carotenoids. These three carotenoids combine together to bolster the macular pigment which provides the extreme protection needed to neutralize the free radicals and absorb the UV radiation. These activities ensure the macular and retinal regions maintain excellent health.

A Depleted Macular Pigment is an Important Risk Factor

Depletion of the macular pigment is a risk factor for vision loss from macular degeneration and other eye diseases, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Also, studies show that patients with a depleted pigment have reduced contrast sensitivity, which means they have trouble seeing in real-world low-light situations, such as driving at night or moving around in a dimly lit garage.

Lumega-Z is the only Medical Food designed specifically to restore and maintain the macular pigment; in doing so, Lumega-Z protects retinal health. It is important to note that the three critical carotenoids that make up the macular pigment cannot be obtained from typical everyday diets. In order to obtain sufficient levels of these carotenoids, supplementation is essential. Lumega-Z provides this supplementation.

Developed by World-Renowned Experts

This unique formula was developed by world-renowned biochemists and vision scientists who have studied retinal health, macular pigment and carotenoids for more than 40 years. Lumega-Z has been successfully used in clinics across the U.S. since 2012.

What Conditions Can Improve Most from a Healthy Macular Pigment and Lumega-Z?

Macular Degeneration

A depleted macular pigment is a modifiable high risk factor and bio-marker for age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). Studies show patients with a depleted pigment are more likely to lose vision from ARMD. Lumega-Z restores and maintains the macular pigment.


During cataract surgery, the natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. This new clear lens provides great vision because it allows more focused light into the eye. At the same time, the new lens allows a higher level of UV radiation to strike the back of the eye.  Maintaining a healthy macular pigment after cataract surgery protects the back of the eye from these new higher UV light levels. A robust macular pigment after cataract surgery helps to ensure longer-term excellent retinal health and higher-quality vision. Think about Lumega-Z as sun glasses for the back of the eye.


Glaucoma patients have been found to have a depleted macular pigment, particularly for those patients who have lost some of their central vision. Macular carotenoids in Lumega-Z can help treat the loss of macular pigment.

Computer Vision Syndrome

The excessive use of digital devices has increased eye exposure to damaging UV radiation and oxidative damage. A healthy macular pigment helps to offset these potentially damaging effects to the eye and maintain excellent vision. Lumega-Z can provide additional protection for the back of the eye.

Vision Performance

Patients with a healthy and robust macular pigment have been shown in studies to have improved contrast sensitivity and less glare disability. These improvements translate directly to being able to see better under real-world conditions. Those with vision-intensive hobbies or occupations can enhance their visual performance by increasing the macular pigment. Lumega-Z can build up the macular pigment and improve real-world visual performance.

Cognitive Function

Breaking new studies now show that the carotenoids that make up the macular pigment are also very important for brain function. These studies show that a depleted macula pigment is an identifiable risk factor and bio-marker for cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.


How Lumega Z Works

Learn about the macular pigment and how important it is for ocular health and staving off eye diseases, such as macular degeneration. Also learn how Medical Foods, which include carotenoids, can restore the macular pigment.


Dr. Hovenesian

Watch as Dr. Hovenesian, a recognized ophthalmology expert in eye disease and eye health, describes why Lumega-Z is so special and why he prescribes it to his patients.

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