Lumega-Z Prescriptions Require That You Have A DAC

In order to prescribe Lumega-Z to your patients, you must first have a Doctor Authorization Code, or DAC. Patients will use the DAC when they order Lumega-Z directly from Guardion Health Sciences’ fulfillment facility in San Diego. A four-week (28-day) supply of Lumega-Z is shipped directly to the patient anywhere in the United States when the patient places an order.

Your DAC Allows You To Work More Closely With Your Patients

Guardion Health Sciences records each shipment according to your unique DAC number. This unique system allows Guardion to provide you with a quarterly accounting of which patients are actively ordering and taking Lumega-Z, and allows you to work more closely with your patients to restore and maintain their eye health.

Your patients have two options for ordering:

• Order each 28-day supply of Lumega-Z individually.
• Order using the auto-ship option. Guardion will automatically ship Lumega-Z every 28 days. The auto-ship option saves your patients 5%.

Measurement Of Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD)

Lumega-Z restores and rebuilds the Macular Pigment. The increase in Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) can be directly measured by Guardion’s cutting-edge technology, MapCat, which was invented by Professor Richard Bone of Florida International University. Dr Bone is an icon in macular health research and the scientist who discovered the third and most important macular carotenoid, meso-zeaxanthin.

The MapCat has been shown through rigorous research to be the most accurate measure of MPOD. Guardion can place a MapCat in your practice, and provide a testing technician for a full-day testing session. During this day of testing, 10 to 20 of your designated patients’ MPOD is tested and you are advised of their MPOD scores. We recommend that patients found to have insufficient MPOD be placed on Lumega-Z. These patients will then be retested for MPOD after several months during a follow-up visit from the Guardion staff.

MapCat Device for Measuring MPOD

If you are interested in learning more about a MapCat visit, please indicate this on the form below.

Contact Us To Receive Your DAC

If you are a health care professional and would like to learn more about prescribing Lumega-Z to help your patients, please fill out the contact form below. You will receive your DAC number and prescription pads within a week.