How soon can I expect Lumega-Z to start working?

Contrast sensitivity is your ability to distinguish the foreground from the background. If you have low contrast sensitivity, you may have problems with night driving, including difficulty seeing pedestrians walking alongside poorly lit streets. Clinical research data shows a significant improvement in contrast sensitivity for patients who use Lumega-Z in as little as 3 months.2)

What in Lumega Z’s special formula helps restore my macular pigment?

Lumega-Z is the only vision-specific medical food that contains all three macular carotenoids –– the same three macular pigments (lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso- zeaxanthin) found in the eye. Lumega-Z has been shown to increase macular pigment density by up to 30% in patients, after only 3 to 6 months of treatment.3)

How do I use Lumega-Z?

Lumega-Z is an easy-to-drink liquid with higher bioavailability than gel capsules or pills, so more nutrients are absorbed by the body. Its unique proprietary micro-lipid formulation has been proven to generate three to four times higher absorption than the leading eye supplement after 12 weeks of use.4)

You can easily mix the tasty liquid with water, juice or your beverage of choice. It’s free from sugar, gluten, dairy and artificial colors, so it’s safe for people with certain food sensitivities or intolerances.

Will I really see improvements?

Patients with a healthy and robust macular pigment have been shown in studies to have improved contrast sensitivity and less glare disability.5) 6) These improvements translate directly to being able to see better under real-world conditions. Those with vision-intensive hobbies or occupations can enhance their visual performance by increasing the macular pigment. Lumega-Z can build up the macular pigment and improve real-world visual performance.

Who created Lumega-Z?

Lumega-Z was developed by a team of internationally-acclaimed vision scientists and biochemists who have studied the macula and retinal health for more than 40 years. The product has been tested in numerous clinical studies related to vision and macular pigment density. The formula has been successfully used in clinics throughout the United States since 2012. The people of Guardion Health Sciences, the maker of Lumega-Z, are regarded as “The Macular Pigment Specialists.” Guardion is a world leader in the restoration and maintenance of a healthy macular pigment.

What is the macular pigment anyway?

The macular pigment is a thin layer of yellow pigment that lies right in front of the macula. The macula is the very central part of the retina responsible for fine-detail vision and is the part of the eye that becomes diseased in patients with macular degeneration. A thinning macular pigment is considered a risk factor for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other vision problems.7)

The macular pigment is made up of three specific carotenoids that protect the macula in two ways: 8) 9)

First: The carotenoids that make up the macular pigment block and absorb the harmful UV radiation that damages the eye. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can lead to macular degeneration.

Second: The carotenoids that make up the macular pigment provide protection from harmful oxidative damage in the macula and throughout the retina.

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